A word of warning upfront, if you have a wallpaper removal task ahead of you, you are in for a bit of work. It may be easier and safer to contact a professional company such as Rippl Painting than to spend the time doing it yourself.

Most wallpaper can be removed from the interior of your Madison home, by a trained professional, without any problems. Our professional wallpaper technicians spray the surface of each wall with a mixture of hot water and an enzyme based wallpaper remover. The enzyme breaks down the starch in the adhesive, and allows the old paper to be scraped off. Whether wet stripping or dry stripping wallpaper, our technicians always wash paste from the walls. If a previously papered area is to be repainted, our painting contractors  recommend a coat of oil primer to seal any adhesive that might be left after washing. This is to ensure that your home is clean, and eliminates any problems during the painting process.

When it comes to speedy thorough wallpaper removal in Madison, WI, no one beats Rippl Painting’s experienced professionals. If you have ever tried removing wallpaper in your Madison, WI home or business, you know that it is tedious and labor intensive. Clearly a job for a professional.

Wallpaper removal is both a skill and an act of determination. That’s why Rippl Painting’s professional wallpaper removers must have several years of experience removing wallpaper in homes in and around Madison, WI.

When it comes to affordable wallpaper removal in Madison, WI, Rippl Painting is the wallpaper removal service that Madison residents and business owners trust.